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You haven't "lived" in Charleston until you find the "Moulin Rouge".  It is a bar/jazz club in the ghetto that is open late on Saturday, and even some Sundays.  It has a sliding window on the door and caters to college kids and military a.k.a. underage drinking.  Check it out, if it hasn't been demolished!

Roll Tide:
In honor the Navy Nukes!
Give us your best stuff!

Camella Black:
I have attempted to find out if The Moulin Rouge is still open, but alas my attempts have not confirmed it. Google lists a phone number, which is no longer any good, and Bell South says they do not have a number.

But as a resident of SC, I can recommend the following websites that may help you in finding something for you or you and a family to do in the Charleston, SC area. You can never go wrong in visiting the Old Market area of Charleston, there is much to do and see both day and night.

www.sciway.net, this is an official site of the State of SC where you may look up almost anything in any town in the state.

www.discovercharleston.com, the name says it all.

www.charlestoncvb.com, sponsored by the Charleston Visitors Bureau

www.accesscharleston.con, I have used this site when planning a visit. It has a detailed list of places to see, things to do (including nightlife/bars).

May I suggest the following places to visit?

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a moderate priced restaurant near the market, based on the movie Forrest Gump.

Cypress Gardens, nature park/area where you can rent boats and paddle among nature. www.cypressgardens.org

Charles Town Landing, National Park, http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/stateparks/parkdetail.asp?PID=1575

Patriots Point Naval Museum, www.patriotspoint.org

I believe the resturant is called FIG.  Its a little pricey but the food is spectacular!  The lamb was perfect and the chocolate truffle dessert was shear Heaven.  Its was Oh My G**  good!

Every time I pass through Charelston I stop at a place called Bessinger's. It's been voted SC's best BBQ several years running!!! It's right on 17 acrossed the street from a large Ford dealer (Palmetto I think) It's an all you can eat buffet, and all of the food is excellent not just the BBQ. It's also very reasonable, 10.95/ person the last time I was there. It's making me hungry just thinking about it!


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