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Hello all,

I am interested in the NUPOC program and would like to receive feedback on my profile. I come from a top liberal arts college, am majoring in math and economics, and have a ~3.9 GPA (and a ~1500 SAT). I do not have a years worth of calculus-based physics which is a requirement for the program but I saw that waivers can be granted on an individual basis. What are the chances of receiving a waiver? For reference, I have taken advanced physics in high school but did not sit for the AP test.

Additionally, I am interested in being a Nuclear Power School Instructor because I would like to become a teacher as it will prepare me for life after the Navy (I intend to get a PhD and become a professor). Are there any drawbacks to pursuing this route as an instructor? Also, what are some common career pathways for NPSIs post-Navy?

Thanks in advance!


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