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MMN1 Getting out now, what am I doing wrong?

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I am an MMN1 about to get out (currently on terminal leave).  Qualified QAI, Planner, Chief Machinery Operator, LPO 3 times, WCS twice.  I recently moved to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area to follow my wife for her residency at UNC, so I am region-locked.  I would prefer to be low travel (that's why I got out of the Navy).  I understand I will take a paycut (possibly huge).

I have applied to 104 jobs over the past three months.  I've received 3 interviews with no other callbacks.  Every recruiter/headhunter I've talked to gets my info, my resume and never contacts me again. 

What am I doing wrong?  Is the job market just this bad or is it me?

Edit:  I can send my resume if anybody is interested, but it won't let me attach it.

Hi Jason,
 It took me close to 5 months when I left military service to find a job in the civilian sector. I am currently searching again and the job market is just as difficult. That said, if you are not already using Orion, I would use them. They were very good at placing ex-nukes.

 I'd be happy to look at your resume and provide my 2cents if you like. Feel free to send it to me:

 Budd Westermann

I am using Orion, Bradley-Morris, Cohen-Partners, Lucas Group and Bradley-Morris.

Try getting a contract job or a hard to fill job to get experience in the private sector first in the position you are targeting.  This will give you experience and people to talk to at a jobsite (probably a nuclear plant). Contacts, contacts, contacts.  This will also prove to private sector that you are more than just a Navy dude.  You could get one of those jobs relatively quickly but you aren't willing to travel.  If you take one traveling position, when it is over you now have more direct experience in the position you are looking to be hired for.

I've talked to hiring managers and they have brought people in that had great resumes but didn't have one iota of flexibility (navy nuclear is different than commercial).  They are wary of resumes and want someone who can do the job and anything you can do to verify that will help.  8 years of Navy experience is great but there is no guarantee you will "work out" if hired.  If you interview well this might compensate but maybe you don't interview well.  Hard to know if this is the case or not, but 3 interviews with no callbacks is a bit concerning.  Not the end of the world though. I would focus on your interview skills.  Fine line between being cordial enough but casual enough.

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