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We now have Practice Test CD's available in the online shop.  The CD's have over a thousand questions each, which you can print out or take on the computer.  You can even add questions if you want.

There are CD's available for:

DOE RCT Core Exam

I am now taking the RCT training class and I found this site. I has REALLY helped me so far. The class is very fast paced and after doing some practice tests here, I have gained some confidence that I am actually absorbing the info... THANK YOU!!!! Any tips or advice will be appreciated.

Andy Owen:
I have enjoyed working the problems on your site, they are very helpful.  Can you tell me if the CHP CD for sale here includes the explanations to the questions?  I look forward to trying it out.

The program provides a database of 1100 questions similar in technical content to the actual exam. The questions are distributed over 24 study categories and are five part multiple choice with an explanation for the correct answer.

The program is designed to keep score on your exam performance and provide you with information that you can use to identify the areas of radiation protection knowledge to improve.

I have been trying to register for the on line quizzes and can't seem to get them to take my credit card.


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