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Are St. Lucie, STP or any of the TVA plants hiring NLO's in the next few years??


Hi guys, new to the forum. Former GE/Westinghouse road tech/engineer, current NLO for Duke Energy. Just wanted to see if any of the plants mentioned in the subject are bringing in any NLO classes in the next few years. I check their websites weekly and never see these plants hiring NLO's. Also, if anyone knows what the rough pay range is for NLO's at these companies, that would be awesome. Thanks guys.

Southern Nuclear at Hatch will be hiring NLO's probably around JAN.  Top out pay will be around $46/hr

TVA has a NLO class going on right now at WBN, can't speak for the other sites.  We typically hire local for the NLO positions as we support local community colleges' Nuclear Technology Programs.  If you watch the website, you will see NSGPO as the abbreviation for the position.


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