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‘Advanced’ Nuclear Reactors? Don’t Hold Your Breath


‘Advanced’ Nuclear Reactors? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Totally agree with the sentiment of this article.  Light water reactors are the gold standard and we should be building them NOW.  Not that we shouldn't be trying the other ideas out to see if they can work better today after being modernized; but I think there is alot of hub bub surrounding the "new and improved" reactors.  They will have at least some of the old problems existing nuclear tech still faces today and since they are new there will be stuff that will comes up once they operate for awhile.  Give 'em a try, but it seems like there is a veneer of optimism over new reactor tech that is there just to try to give nuclear a safe feeling so it will be embraced by the many people that have issues with nuclear power.  Hey, we've figured it all out now this is all new and everything is alright now!  No....still gonna be a nuclear plant.

Until we get something new that is proven to be better than the old stuff we should be building two new nuclear plants at all times so we don't lose the ability to do so.

Bonds 25:
And even more important at this moment.....DO NOT shut down perfectly working reactors that have many years left of their lifespan!!!


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