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I'm Sad to report that Robert Beasely Passed away on Fri, Jul 23 2021. Bob was a good friend and will be missed by many

Robert always spoke highly of his family , grandchildren and his beloved wife. Robert was the guy you wanted to work with...he knew how to get things done, was conscious of always doing the right thing, and was a technican with integrity. He showed me many times his photo of his horrible accident , and reminded me, that life is good , friends are forever and "if you ain't from the south you ain't lived. I'll miss him and I'll always remember Robert...I owe you a steak dinner. RIP good friend, godspeed and see you on the other side.

Worker with Bob some years ago as deconners, Good hard working guy and a gentleman from the south

Shocked to hear of Bob's passing. I worked with him a few times and enjoyed every single instance. Bob had a great outlook on life, one not found often.

Very sad to hear that Bob has passed. Great guy who I enjoyed working with. His passing will leave the planet a less enjoyable place. GOD Bless Bob and his family.


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