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Radioactive material missing en route to Michigan, NRC says


Radioactive material missing en route to Michigan, NRC says

Bonds 25:
Of course the Anti-Nuke moron Paul Gunter shows up in the article, of course they just have to mention he opposes Nuclear Power. Lets not end it there, they (for some reason) include ANOTHER Anti-Nuke moron from Citizen's Resistance At Fermi 2.....because you know a company losing a radiography source is the fault of Commercial Nuclear Power? Why in the hell does the media contact Anti-Nuclear establishments whenever there is a radiological event that DOES NOT involve Nuclear Power? Im willing to bet its because the Anti-Nukes are the ones who are doing the contacting and the media is just too goddamn stupid to catch on.

Let's see how much he disses on radioactive material if he gets cancer.  People don't realize how integral and safe it is until they really need it in a big way.

The source was found before this article was published. It had been sent to the wrong distribution center and is now in the hands of the intended recipient.

--- Quote ---The following update was received via an email from the Ohio Department of Health Radiation Protection: "On July 23, 2021 Prime NDT reported that the source has been located. [The common carrier] indicated that the source was located in their Canton, Ohio facility. Contrary to an earlier report, the source was never transported to [the common carrier] in Memphis, TN. Prime NDT retrieved the source from [the common carrier] facility in Canton."
--- End quote ---


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