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It has been awhile since I had a desire to know what a REM cost the industry. I remember it was $600 back in the 70s, then around $1500 circa 2000. What is it today?
Thanks in advance.

This article from 1996 claims that it was $2,000 then, up from $1000. And talks about other limits used at INEL as well. ($10k, $60k)

This article form Canada, in 1976, said it was $200, and shows their math.

NUREG-1530 Reassessment of NRC's Dollar Per Person-Rem Conversion Factor Policy (December 1995)

Talks about the 'old' $1000, and 'new' $2000 (from NUREG/BR-0058, Revision 2, November 1995). And how it got there from the original range in 1974 of $10-$980. And had a lot of good history for anyone interested. The interesting part is the human capital method, versus the 'willingness to pay' method, hehehe  (page 18/28)

Below is a list of Reg guides referenced in the document above, and the values in them at that time.  I haven't see what the latest value is in them, but I provide them to get oyu started in the right direction.

Regulatory Guide 1.109 contains guidance on performing dose calculations and the use of $1000 per person-rem for the dollar valuation for radwaste system design alternatives for power reactors. Also, Regulatory Guide 8.37 suggests the use of $1000 per person-rem in determining ALARA levels for radiological effluent from materials facilities. NUREG-0933, 'A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues" utilizes $1000 per person-rem in assigning priorities and resolving generic safety issues.

Bottom line, you can take the $2000 value, and apply a cost a living increase if you want to get a closer value for today.


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