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Just had to take three Wonderlic tests for WTCC job process. Thought I would mention it here in case anyone else is trying to get on there. I googled "Wonderlic test", which is all that the HR person had mentioned, and everything indicated it would just be a basic IQ test. So I did the practice tests that are readily available online. That was plenty of prep for that portion, but it turned out that I also had to take the Wonderlic Verbal and the Wonderlic Math. They were both fairly straightforward, so think I did okay, was kind of a shock to be expecting one 12-minute test and end up with three 12- to 20-minute tests.

Note: WTCC (Waste Treatment Completion Company) is a Bechtel subsidiary that is doing the commissioning of the waste treatment facilities (The VIT Plant) being built at Hanford to process the contents of the Tank Farms.


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