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With great sorrow I regret to inform you of Aaron's passing.  He was working the outage here at Prairie Island
and was involved in an automobile accident.
There is a go-fund-me account set up to help his family with expenses


or search Aaron Bubba Ferguson

So sad to hear about Bubbas passing away.My best wishes for his family.
Darn it. He survived the COVID mess last year at Fermi only to pass this way.
He was a really unique guy and always kept me wondering what he was gonna say next.
Bubba was always  a lot of fun to work with too.
Another RP Tech going to the final outage up there.
The Renta Tech  community will surely miss him.

Andrew Plas

Absolutely terrible news. I have known Bubba for a very long time and always enjoyed his company. To say he was funny was an understatement, but he was also a top flight RP. I will miss him and pray for his family. RIP my good friend.

Shift work was always better with Bubba.  A super spreader of smiles.  Bubba and I shared text messages every day during the Fermi covid outage just making sure we were ok.  I’ll miss his colloquial sayings.  Bubba’s belly not bothering him anymore.  A true gem of a person.

I guess I'll have to give him a pass on his half of the final utility bill at VC Summer in '85. Besides Jim Morrison, it was ok for Bubba to wear a full leather ensemble. In the world of unique individuals within the contract RP rank and file, he was as mentioned - a gem. I feel lucky to have known and spent time with him. RIP dude.


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