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Nonradiological Health Consequences from Evacuation and Relocation

Source: NUREG/CR-7285

   It is 156 pages long. Half of it is graphs and charts. A lot of math that I skipped. I scanned it but all you really need is part of the conclusion which just confirms what a lot of us know anyway. Now if they just revise the regulations.

Perhaps the most important conclusion of this report is that there are significant deleterious effects from evacuating and relocating populations. This information can be used to better risk-inform policy, planning, strategies, and procedures for protective actions used in response to a variety of hazardous events, including radiological emergencies. The findings of this study suggest that evacuation and relocation should not be used purely out of an abundance of caution. Populations that are unnecessarily displaced gain no benefit from unwarranted protective actions and will potentially suffer health effects for years as a result. For radiological emergencies, protective actions are risk-informed and carefully planned to ensure the benefit of avoiding or reducing exposure to radiation is not outweighed by the risk to health from a protective action. Consideration of the health effects of prolonged evacuation and relocation in balancing the risk can enhance public safety and will help to support protective actions doing
more good than harm.


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