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Getting badged after psych disqual

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Considering my current unemployment situation and lack of any sort of answers from the Bartlett shrink, I figured I'd swallow my pride and throw this out for advice from folks here.

Back in September I was at Catawba Nuclear Station for an outage. After taking the mandatory MMPI (psych exam) I was called in to talk with the contract psychiatrist for Duke. The next day, I was denied unescorted access and shown the door.

The Bartlett shrink in Boston won't return my phone calls, and he is the one that made the denial decision. I'm sure there's a mark on my file in PADS now, and in order to get access back I have to clear this up somehow to the pleasure of the powers that be.

Anybody got any advice on where I could even start? I don't even know where to start in terms of figuring out where to start, if that makes sense.


I'd try calling the Bartlett office.

Hey Eric, anything you can do?

Already Gone:
If that doesn't work, try getting into a plant with a different employer.  If the site shrink okays you, you're in.  You will certainly have to talk to him or her for the first two or three jobs after you attempt to get back in.
The thing they are going to want to know is what you did to correct the problem.  Not knowing what the problem was, I can't guess what they'll expect.  But, in general, they will require that you made some kind of change - whether it is treatment, or a different medication, or some medication at all, but something other than just denying that there is anything wrong and blaming it on Bartlett's shrink.

Camella Black:
Jassen, were you not given a copy of the evaluation? Your records should be made available to you. Have you attempted to write the doctor in question requesting the records or his evaluation? I am surprised that you were not referred to seek outside help.

I would recommend that if you were told to you have a problem (whether you agree or not) that you follow up by seeking medical attention.

There is no shame in doing so, this business can be stressful, and stress can and will do some strange things to you, most which can be eliminated easily.

Good luck.

They won't give you a copy of the evaluation because they aren't legally required to do so.



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