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I have apps in at 2 different nuke plants and wondering if a felony possession arrest would cause me to not get approved for unescorted access. Charges were dropped when I went to court so there's no conviction just the arrest on my record. I've seen a lot of it depends on the site on whether they'll grant access or not, does anyone have any knowledge about Exelon? The arrest was about 8 years and yes I plan on disclosing it if I get that far.

You have to disclose the arrest on the PHQ to get UA/UAA no matter what.

Make sure you have all arrest and court-related paperwork on hand (if possible), as the Exelon site's Access Services personnel will most likely want to see any and all official documentation related to your legal incident(s) before they make a decision either way.

The key to success with this is honesty. Hiding or obfuscating your past is the surest path to denial for any UA/UAA request.


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