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Retiring in a month, so I've been job searching for the last month. (Long story)

The job postings and LinkedIn profiles I've been seeing frequently have one to several acronyms included, like:
* KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
* CMRP (Certified Maintenance Reliability Profession)
* Six Sigma [ ]-Belt
* CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management)
* CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
* PE (Professional Engineer)
* PMP (Project Management Professional)From what I've gathered over the years of hearing others describe their transition out of the Navy and their new employment is that none of the above are important for Navy nukes to worry about getting as in a general sense, like with a BS/BA degree. A degree is good for specific jobs that are in-line with the field of the degree and degrees are good regardless of the field as some employers just want that box checked. But the above certifications I think are only valuable to specific job postings and that Navy nukes would be just fine not having them at their EAOS.
Are the above certifications what someone has on their resume after being in the respective industry for several years? Or are they things that one gets to get their foot in the door (i.e. get a job)?


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