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eye yam herring from old buddy's that their getting contacted by companies they haven't worked fore four twenty years, and getting cruzed on social media by recruiters about dune there outages this spring.
Any buddy seeing wages rise?
Axing for a frend.


My total BAD on this post! I was under a misunderstanding on the site. This is for FERMI, NOT BESSE!

D&Z is paying $1000 bonus for returnees to Davis Besse.

herd renuke is payeen $46 n 155p.d. @watts bar four seniors.

That's good news. Wages had been stagnant for too many years.

TVA has been over 40 an hour for awhile now....but pay is going up.  Still too low in most cases.  For example pay at Columbia was up to 34 an hour from 32 (diem about 125).  House techs make about 47 an hour there....Strange there are backup contracts for a long outage at TVA....I got a call as well from a company I'd never heard of for the WBar outage at a similar rate.  Maybe it has something to do with all the older techs that retired when covid hit in combination with the stagnant pay? Plus TVA is terrible about laying people off early with a moments notice.  The "pandemic" may have changed more than just the housing has been too low for a long time when you consider how long the outages are and the lack of concrete start and end dates so it has been brewing and building for awhile.  There are more choices out there for contractors like D and D and DOE amongst others.  It's telling when you can work at a DOE site and make the same money working 40s with minimal OT than a BHI outage working 72s.


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