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Please reference my modification to my previous post on this thread.

Bonds 25:
"For example pay at Columbia was up to 34 an hour from 32 (diem about 125)"

I've been told our back up contract is paying $42 an hour and $171 a day per diem if anybody wants to backfill on rotating shift (ERO qualified) for our spring ISFSI campaign. As I type this we have filled (4) of the (6) positions that we need......and the first cask is scheduled to begin March 14th!!!!  I'm not sure when the cutoff (give up) date is for bringing in Techs though.  Will last till the end of May at least.   

kinda surprised wit lack of talk bout cash hear. wood have thought da money's bee flying like 11p.m on a strip club stage.

On the other hand I just heard Palo is paying 40 an hour......that's a pretty big hike over a couple years ago.

hamsamich, that's good news for PV outages.


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