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Hello everyone,

I have recently started applying to jobs and have been looking for a solid understanding of what the pay is for someone that is going to come into the industry as a NLO trainee. I already understand that as a trainee I will be paid less until I get certified. I have looked at the BOL statistics, indeed, glassdoor, ziprecruiter, etc.

For those of you that don't mind, could you give some insight as to what you got paid while in the training program to become a RO?
Also are unions allowed to disclose what their members are getting paid?

I have looked on some union websites (e.g. IBEW) and there is little to no information as to what they would do for you for starting salary. From what I am averaging though, 35-45/hr seems to be the what I could get as a trainee. Thanks again for any help and advice.


Talking about pay openly is important so that we can all get our fair wage. In that spirit here are some recent numbers I've seen:

SOIT (System operator in training) ~ $37.00

SO (system operator) ~ $48.00

NPOIT (Nuclear plant operator in training) ~ $54.00 with a monthly adder of like $300-400

NPO (Nuclear Plant operator) ~ $57.00 with a monthly adder for the license of like $600-700.


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