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I am an ex Navy nuke, got out in 2001.  I have a job interview coming up that wants some info about my past security clearance.  Here is the list they ask about:

Month and year of your most recent background investigation
Type of most recent background investigation (Initial, Single Scope, Periodic Review, etc.)
Which Company/Government agency conducted or processed your most recent background investigation
The level of clearance/SCI access and date of briefing
If you have held but do not currently hold a clearance/SCI access, provide the month and year of your debriefing.
The name of the Security Officer, firm, area code, and telephone number or the Security Officer holding your most recent clearance/SCI access

Some of them I know or have an idea on but there are some like the date and type of most recent background check that I don't know.  Does the Navy do periodic reviews of background checks.  Does your last command keep this information?  If anyone has an idea where I can find this type of information, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

Did you make a copy of your service record before you got out?  If you did you should have a form on the left hand side that has all of that information.  If I remember correctly your command would only keep that information for 3 years.  The navy does periodic check but you would have remembered because you would have had to supply all of the information.   

Hey, I'm pretty new to the forum ( 1 week), but I've been lurking around for about a month now. Now I have a question and maybe this topic needs to be in a different forum, but let's see how this goes.

I'm just about at my 10 year point, MM1 and de-nuked due to the revocation of my security clearance. My Command went to bat for me, but DON CAF decided to revoke my clearance in the end of 2002 for an icident that occured in February of 2000. Right now I want to get out and go back to doing what the Navy trained me to do, operate a nuc plant.

Will this pose a problem in the civilian sector? Thanks

Already Gone:
Absent details, we have to go on assumptions.

First, they didn't kick you out and you still have lots of paygrades left.  So, it doesn't appear to be a disciplinary or criminal problem.

Being de-nuked is not the same as if you were never a nuke at all.  As much as the Navy thinks it has the power to change reality, the fact is that they cannot go back in time and undo history.  You were a nuke, and you are free to say so on your resume.  They would be subject to prosecution if they tried to deny it.  It is illegal to file a false instrument.  In other words, if someone asks if you were a nuke, they have to tell the truth regardless of what NEC shows on your DD214.

So, basically, being de-nuked affects ONLY your naval career, and has little bearing on your civilian prospects.  But I caution you to be 100% truthful and forthcoming about it.  They can and will deny yu a civilian clearance for lying or for withholding information.

You also say that your command went to bat for you.  That is good. It indicates that you could probably use them as references. 

If you have no felony convictions, pending court cases, illegal drug use or alcohol abuse that has not been rehabilitated, or associations with known terrorists or anarchists; If you have not tried to commit treason or overthrow the government; If you have no mental illness or psychological condition that affects your ability to work without posing a risk; If you can account for your activities and whereabouts for five years with solid references to back you up, then you should be able to get a clearance.

Civilian licensees are required to conduct (or contract out) their own investigations.  They each are responsible for issuing or withholding you unescorted access.  If you just cooperate and tell them the truth, you'll have a better chance.  Your situation, given the limited amount of information, does not seem hopeless.

Good luck.

OK Beer, I guess I'll give a little more info. My ex wife had a unique way of resoving conflict at home. She would use base police to remove me from the house if we had a simple argument i.e.  whether to get creamy or crunchy peanut butter (gross, but not too gross exageration). It was her way to excecute control. She knew that all she had to do was tell the police that we were arguing and that she feared that is was going to get violent and next thing I knew I was on the ship for 48 hours. Each time she did that it counted as an incident. After the fouth time she tried I flew off the handle and put a Latrell Spreewell move on her. I was arrested for Domestic Assault, misdemeanor.

The funny thing was, I plead guilty becasuse I figured it would be better to plea, spend a week in jail and go back to my life, than the alternative which was spend 30 days in jail awaiting trial and miss movement. So basically, I plead guilty so that I could continue my carreer.

So in a nutshell, one criminal conviction, misdemeanor, 5 years old and resolved and about 5 additional accusations, all unfounded. Did I mention that this is my EX-wife?


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