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Roll Tide:

I have an ex-wife, and my former sisters-in-law sound like they would fit in that category. SC recently changed their laws: they never arrest ONE person for domestic violence. I bet after cooling her heels in jail one night she wouldn't have called again without a reason.

To backup BC, absolutely tell the complete truth in security applications. I saw one guy not get his security clearance because he didn't mention getting fired as a waiter (immediately after telling them he was quitting!) It must be discussed, but that is a matter for your security clearance paperwork not job interview (I said be honest, not stupid!)    ;)

Already Gone:
Man, I feel your pain.  I have an ex-wife too.  A misdemeanor conviction that old should not stand in your way as long as you tell all the details.  Considering that you were willing to tell it here in public, you should have no problem being forthcoming with the investigators.

A word of advice though:  The companies that do the investigations for nuke plants do not employ the brightest people.  They always call my house asking for me when I am obviously at a job thousands of miles away.  Then, when they finally get the idea that I'm gone from home, they still fedex stuff to my house.

Also, the references you give them should be expecting a call.  Nothing is worse than being caught off guard by someone asking a lot of personal questions about you.  The people you give for references will not even be asked a lot about you.  They figure that you will only give names of people who will give favorable info.  The only thing they really want to know from these people is the names of other people who know you.  This is known in the business as "developed references".  These are ther people whom they will ask the really good questions.  They figure that they can get more dirt from someone whom you did not name as a reference.  You might wish to work out in advance a list of names for your references to give as developed references.  You won't get the clearance until they can contact a certain number of these people.  So, the more names they get to start with will increase their chances of getting someone to answer the phone.  There is no way to rig this so that you can control who will be getting a call, so don't even try.  If it sounds like they are all reading from a script, they'll just throw those names out and ask for others.

You should do okay.  Just tell the truth and it will all work out in the end.

Beer Court - I would have to disagree about the companies that do the investigations for the nuke plants not being the brightest people.  I am sure that when they are attempting to contact you they are only utilizing the information that they are provided at the time.

In addition, if you could only imagine what it takes to help individuals piece together a 3 year employment history, you would be very surprised.

Already Gone:
Actually, I think they cover both ends of the spectrum, leaving the middle empty.  It's probably just the phone interviewers who are a little daffy.  They just can't seem to understand the phrase "he's not here."


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