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Have a feature you wish the site would have?  Have a cool idea for the site?  Post it here.  We might make the change tommorow, or next year.  But we want everyone's ideas.

I'll start:

How about the jobsite works like an airline companys's site.  Instead of flights with seats, we have outages with heads.  People on a pre-approved list could go in, see which outages need who when where, and instead of you picking your seat, you pic your slot.  Instant confirmation of the entire outage season.

This would be an outstanding idea but would require very high integrity of the technicians signing up. They would have to show up for the outages they signed up for. If only a few of them reniged (sp?) the utilites would lose confidence in the system and it would lose all credibility.

Basically, its the SAME system the companies have now.  They are still confirming and have to show up.  The only difference in this system, is that it makes the recruiters job a little easier, by pre-populating their "wants to go to this outage" list.  WE do not staff, or submit resumes, THEY do, just like now.  We are not trying to squeeze anyone out of the picture, we are trying to make their life easier.  And one of the key words in the original post was "Pre-Approved".  Only reputable people would be on the pre-approved list.  ITs very complicated, I could send you details if you wish.

Anyway, this thread is for suggestions, not people saying they like an idea.  (I do appreciate it though).

Please post suggestions here.

I was brought to my attention that an alert tone or message alert that says you have a new PM while you're already logged in.  That way when you see someone online you can PM them and then they can respond back? 

Roll Tide:
Recently I noticed a banner ad while in a mad mouse clicking frenzy. I couldn't get back to it, and had to click a while longer. Is there an easy way to get to our advertisers?

(The particular ad was EPCE; and I think this is an incredible advertisement since this route is what I have been recommending for years!)


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