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Mike O'Shaughnessy


Mike O'Shaughnessy passed away on Saturday, 12Mar22.  Mike was 71, he passed peacefully at home surrounded by his family.   There will not be a funeral at his request. A memorial page may be be coming soon on Facebook .  He was married to Carol and they had 2 children.
 One of the good guys from back in the Rad Services days. RIP Mike.

Al Eidson:
Mike was a good 1. Always enjoyed working with Mike. Prayers for the family.

I will second that... a very good guy and always doing his part to make the job go well. Seems like ancient history now, but those days were the best.

It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Carol back in my Rad days. Carol, my prayers are with you and your family.

Mike was a very gentle man, kind person and I am a better person because I got to know him. He will be missed by all he touched. I don't cry because he passed, I smile because I met so a kind soul.


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