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My condolences on PW's passing. I only knew him through the grapevine and on The stories were great,  but I really enjoyed his postings, especially back in the day when was like the break room. He has a succinct, precise, dry precise, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The post is by a friend of Pat’s, Dane Williams, who is an INPO Team Lead.  Pat and Dane worked at Palisades during the early 80s.

From Dane on 5/19/2023: First of all, my condolences to Sharon and the family. I know Pat will be greatly missed. His passing makes me very sad, and while I hadn’t seen Pat in quite a few years, we stayed in touch by email from time to time. Pat was my mentor when I started in the industry in 1981. We worked together at Palisades. What I remember most is that Pat tried to teach me what he knew and since I knew nothing at the time, his mentoring was invaluable. We worked afternoons together and when it was slow, which was most of the shift, he kept us entertained with his stories and ways of saying things that always made me laugh. He always had names for the places he worked or for people, and not in derogatory (at for the least the people) way, but a funny way. One of the few times I saw him upset was when someone on midnights decided to wash coffee cups including his! He must have had 17 years of coffee stains on that cup and he was very proud of it! It was hilarious to watch his reaction! Later I worked with him at Cook or as he would say cookie monster. I very much enjoyed that time with him also. Pat was always willing to listen, to make you laugh and he also took his work very seriously and helped to improve the RP programs he was associated with. Rest in peace my friend.

February 12, 2008, Pat posted Horse, A Chicken & A Harley,...

that joke is quintessential Pat,...

I will miss Pat, we will all miss Pat,...

It has taken me almost ten days to pay my proper respects amongst the others here,...

These respects just get harder and harder to execute,...

Fair winds and following seas Pat,...

"February 12, 2008, Pat posted Horse, A Chicken & A Harley,..."

Personally, I never cared much for BMWs anyhow. In the off chance that a RPT Hall Of Fame would ever be "officially" (as reasonably achievable) established, the first Magenta jacket handed out should be to Hoppe, Patrick W. aka - the Hopster. It would need to be sized accordingly to accommodate an 85' Bears sweater as a modesty top.


--- Quote from: fiveeleven on May 22, 2022, 04:06 --- RPT Hall Of Fame

--- End quote ---

...or the Pat "Hopster" Hoppe annual award based on his attributes.


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