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I am so sorry to hear of Pat's passing, and I always considered him a friend and true inspiration, not only to me, but to the many many friends and co-workers. 
When I discharged from the USN in 1986, I came to Michigan to interview for an RP Tech job.  Pat had recently hired in to the Plant as a new RP first line Supervisor, and as luck would have it, he interviewed me.  I'll never forget what he said to me.. He looked at me with that funny kind of inquisaitive look and said "with a resume like yours, why would you hire into this place; you should be on the road making big money!"  I thought what an odd thing to say to someone thinking about hiring in as one of your employees!  LOL.  it occurred to me that he was more interested in me doing well for myself than he was in his or the Plant's interests.  I hired in, and have called SW Michigan home ever since (which I'm now reconsidering after having snow in April!)
I'll close by saying that I have many fond memories of Pat, and we are all better men and women for having known him.  I know he is in a better place now, and pray that all family and friends find some measure of solace in this difficult time..
With my deepest sympathies,
Jeff Shirley

For those that knew him, words and superlatives are too numerous to mention. Remembrance of classic/ favorite "Hopster" stories on the other hand seems to be a good fit. I knew/worked with Pat since he came to DCC until my departure in 2000. The success I incurred on my new venture was indeed influenced by some words of wisdom and sage advice from the man. I kept in contact with him over the years, and conversing with him was always a highlight of the day. Now for one of my personal favorite Hopster stories. The bus trip to the Silver Dome for Lions/Bears game was a  classic venture to say the least. From organizing the entire event with the accompanying logistics woes, (inclusive of a plumbing failure on the bus), keeping the troops under some level of control, and finally having a bus full of post-game revelers parked in front of the Pontiac police station as Pat was inside trying to rescue one of the flock who ran afoul of the law. If there can be a Renaissance man in the nuclear RP world, then the Hopster gets my vote. RIP my friend. Steve McGuire

I am so sorry to hear of this. I've known Pat for many years.

I am confident that anyone who knew PAt are profoundly saddened by his passing. Smart, compassionate, articulate are how I know Pat with a wonderful love of life. His mentoring and support were invaluable to many people in the business. His humor and ability to coin a nickname for a person and capture that persons personna was a blessing to those receiving a nickname. Thank you Pat for your comraderie. Farewell my friend; cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees. You were loved by many

Pat was my mentor for six years. He kept me from joining the Navy. I gave him many opportunities to yell at me over the years. Drilling a hole through his wall, getting too detailed doing a survey when it wasn't the right thing to do. (which ended up being close to an administrative limit). Telling Ron Paul (NRC) too much babble and not enough facts trying to show off when I was a Jr. tech. One of my finest ones was the Statue of Liberty air sample in street clothes while two feet away they were wearing full face. He always gave me advice by talking to me, not down on me. Read Mike Royko from the Chicago Tribune to me daily to teach me the finer parts of life. He gave me many Dad talks which I needed because I wasn't Navy nor was I educated. He encouraged me when I was having a hard time getting through the three years of training. Had Steve McQuire / Jim Center / Mike Dallas / Jeff Shirley / John Bundick / Joe Rambo all help me. I needed a lot of help. I am so thankful to have Hopster as a mentor and a friend.


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