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NUPOC - Letter of Intent to Enlist Question


I am in the NUPOC application process, and my recruiter recently sent me some more forms to complete before sending in my package. One of these is a "letter of intent to enlist" with the following language:

1. I hereby apply for either the nuclear propulsion officer candidate (NUPOC), naval reactors engineer, or nuclear power instructor programs.

2. If selected by the Director, Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program for one of the above programs, I agree to enlist and be placed in an active or inactive status as an OC1 (E6) in the United States Navy Reserve in accordance with reference (a) or (b) as appropriate. Such enlistment will be executed following interview and prior to departing Washington, DC.

I am wondering how binding this document is. I understand that if I receive any payment from the Navy I will owe them time, but I have yet to be selected or even interviewed. I also haven't had the VIP trip. I just want to know when I am actually signing the dotted line and committing.

I'm weighing my options with another DoD scholarship, but I am still seriously considering NUPOC. Does anyone know what the "point of no return" is for the NUPOC process?


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