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bartlett ain't no worse than any other company. some contract's better'n others, so co-ordinators are better 'n others, some plants are better'n others, but contracts, SCs, and plants are constant; only the companies change.  ya got more people bitching about bartlett now, but that's only because bartlett has a lot of the contracts.  when numnuts had alot of contracts, they were unfair.  when the irm worms had the contracts they were lying cheats.  when rad had the contracts.......... it doesn't ever change. every company, SC, and plant have had their double secret probations.  they only are in effect until they need one more body - YOURS - then there is no more probation!  ya want a better company, start one.......it'll be good until you get big too.


I worked for Bartlett at Davis Bessie. They treated me fine
and tried to keep me employed when layoffs were in the wind. Lined up a job for me, which I had to turn down because of prior commitments, but at least they offered. They're okay by me, so far.

Bartlett has always treated me very well.  They always have a nice job for me when I need one, and they have NEVER, EVER messed up a check in the 12 years that I have done buisness with them.

Thank you Jerry, Eric, and Bill.

Ahhh another thread for world class whiners! Believe it or not, their is a direct corelation between your job performance and your treatment by Bartlett. :-/ I'd like to buy you for what you're worth, and sell you for what you think you're worth! Then I could go with Eric and SloGlo to Bermuda, and I'd buy ALL of the fruity drinks! ;D Ya'll need to put yourself in their positions and then maybe you would understand, but I kinda doubt it. I think it's the same bunch that can't seem to grasp the fundamentals on the NEU test. So why would you understand sound business principals. I've been on all of their lists, and I mean ALL! I understand how and why I got there, not necessarily fair, but nobody ever told me it was going to be fair. ::) I talked to Mr. Bartlett himself and he told me some things that I didn't like, but he told me straight, no BS or lies! I understood that and respected that too! I kept my nose to the grindstone, and kept it clean! Eventually I got off the bad ones, and on the good ones! :D The cream always rises to the top! ;) If you've got a problem with Bartlett, try calling someone and work through it! Eric , and Jerry were great and took care of almost anything that came up! I tried to not bother Bruce, but if push came to shove and I had to, he always took time out from his very busy scedule to listen and help me. Now just how many employees does he have? Thousands you say! Pretty remarkable ! Now quit you're whining and get back to work , if you want off the list! 8)
JJ :-*


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