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Benny Kiman


Hey Folks, I just learned of Benny Kiman's passing (last month) and was surprised not to see it posted here. Link to his obituary is provided below. I hadn't spoken with him in many years unfortunately but Benny was one of the good guys in this world. I met him in the early 80'at Peach Bottom where he provided RP coverage to this long haired Hydro Nuc deconner. I worked with him again at Fitzpatrick in late 80's and again at Battelle Columbus in early 90's.  I appreciated his friendship and have nothing but really great memories from working and hanging out with him. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this sad news with some of the
old-timers out there who may have know him.


Sorry to hear this I have positive memories of working with him.

I am saddened to see this posting. I worked with Benny at the Peach in the 80s and maybe some other plants as well. I always enjoyed his sense of humor, his smile was quite infectious.
RIP Benny, RIP.

One of my favorite friends, Benny and I had lots of fun going back to the early days with Cap Gun. My prayers for you and your Family.       RIP Beats


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