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Had a scan done by an experienced operator. When I identified myself as a RP professional and asked about the doses, they were provided immediately. Quite a refreshing approach!
Doses were:
CTDlvol 13.91mGy
DLP 490.83 mGy

and, because I didn't know either😉, here's the definitions:
"Dose length product (DLP) measured in mGycm is a measure of CT tube radiation output/exposure. It is related to volume CT dose index (CTDIvol), but CTDIvol represents the dose through a slice of an appropriate phantom. DLP accounts for the length of radiation output along the z-axis (the long axis of the patient).",long%20axis%20of%20the%20patient).

Periodic CT scans will be a follow up for me for a long time. I had a softball sized tumor and about a foot of intestine removed last year. The operators gave me my dose as one Rem apparently being located in Oak Ridge with all the nuclear related workers there they were prepared for my question. Of course I looked it up later. "Trust but verify".  8)

My dose was bigger than your dose....🤣🤣


--- Quote from: peteshonkwiler on Jul 19, 2022, 07:32 ---My dose was bigger than your dose....🤣🤣

--- End quote ---


Marlina, I have an idle conversation question. Do you think the radiologist gave you a quick, from the hip, answer to your question? 
I ask because it is a round number in the value that is familiar to nuke workers in the valley, as opposed to a value which a radiologist is more likely to assign a dose.


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