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Mike McFarlin:
Had no problems yet.

i am DEAD serious about this post.  i have been contacted by or have contacted 5 aerotek offices in 4 states over the past three years.  they NEVER contacted me after the original contact--i always had to keep calling them.  i never got even the sniff of a hire, and do not know of anyone who has been hired for either nuke or environmental work.  they always had excuses (the hp is out of town, the money isn't in yet, etc.).  most recently was a rct job in virginia at a doe site (i didn't even know one existed in that state) that they advertised on careerbuilder a few weeks ago.  i sent my resume as requested and heard nothing.  i called a few days later and the guy was very vague about who had hired them and ASKED ME HOW MUCH i wanted--as if they didn't have any contract in place.  i called a few days later and the "hp is out of town".  a few days later it was "i'm sitting down now with the accounts manager".  so finally yesterday i called and it was "i'm still waiting for the go ahead", so i asked him if they really ever had any work and how did they make money to keep all the offices open (he was again vague).  if anyone has been AN EMPLOYEE (not a contractor) of this company, please let me know via inbox because i will pony up all the money to open a staffing office with you as partner, advertise jobs, collect resumes, never hire anyone, and collect tons of money, and retire in 5 years.  I AM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS OFFER if you have sufficient inside info.   

I was doing MOV testing at Callaway through Onsite which later became Aerotek.  I was dealing with the Kansas City office.  I was the first person they had at Callaway and they ended up with about 20 people there in various capacities (planning, system engineering, etc.) before I went in house at Callaway.

I thought they were good people to deal with.   

I say all of the above items took place 7 years ago.  So "your mileage may vary".   ;D

 :) I've recently tried to contact them to submitt my resume. They have ran me around just to have me post my resume on thingamajob which I had already done before all their nonsence  ::) now they want me to call their local office in my area  ::) seems like a waste of time to me  :-\


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