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Palo Verde outage rentals / 1 3 bedroom 1 bath house and a studio apartment


For anyone who might be looking for a place to rent for the outage. We have a 3 bedroom 1 bath older home that was recently remodeled in the last year and will rent it up to 3 people for $700 a week, this is utilities included and if you leave in the middle of the week we simply prorate the days. We have a brand new studio that's really nice with a murphy bed and everything you need except pots and pans for $400 a week utilities included a week for one person.  My brother and I both work at PV, he works in fuels and I work in industrial safety and we live on the same property in a separate house. The house is not furnished but if you have worked the industry like we have for 30 years you likely have an air up mattress ;D . Each place requires a $500 cash deposit that is 100% refundable the day everyone leaves providing there are no damages and its as clean as the day you moved in and they are spotless, we have them professionally cleaned. I do need to note it now, If you want to rent the house and one person leaves early for whatever reason or doesn't show up the price is still the same be it 1 person 2 or 3 .
We are 32 miles from the plant and from the front door to the PV parking lot is about 40 minutes. Please do contact me directly 623-233-9941 if your interested or have questions.
I will update this post in the forum as soon as both places are rented or confirmed. I will be happy to send pictures of each rental via text when you make contact. Thanks Luke   


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