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Contractor and house techs - we need your perspective!

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I might be interested and available.
Could be interesting.
I've been in nuclear since the late 80's and contracting on and off since 2001.

I've been inhouse too- maintenance, operations and support.
As well as the contracting.

I just got off the Teams meeting with their interviewer. Great guy. Glad I did it.

They still need more contract workers' opinions, so...if any rent-a-techs that have worked a commercial outage in past 12 months have time...give them a hand? (And make $150 for...72 minutes chatting, in my case! ;) )

Tell them UncaBuffalo sent you! :)

Thanks, UncaBuffalo!

Just a note to say that we decided to go with 1-1 interviews, as we realized quickly that group interviews would be too difficult to coordinate with people working different schedules in different time zones. (We're learning as we go!)

We have a few more interviews lined up, but are still looking for many more people to join us and share their experiences about what influences the ability to make good decisions and perform well in outage work. Please consider taking the time to talk with us - your first-hand perspective is very much needed! Know that we take your personal data privacy very seriously. It will not be possible to identify specific people, plants, or outage service providers in any report or presentation of findings coming from this work.

Interviews can be schedule these at your convenience, through December. Send me a pm if you're interested, and I'll reply with more information about the study.

Money was a bit slow arriving (dealing with government entity), the account now. Thanks!

They still may be looking for more rent-a-techs to participate? ...if any contractor is bored & wants an easy $150?


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