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In March of this year I was accused of not being able to pass a drug test. I was escorted out and taken to security where I agreed to take a observed drug screen. During my interview the captain would not acknowledge who my supposedly was, in the meantime I was asked if I have ever used Marijuana within the last year, and I said I had taken a edible around the holidays back in November.  Well my PHQ was brought up and the same question was on my PHQ where I answered NO. So with that being said, I was denied access and slapped with a 5 year ban and was told any facility that uses PADs that this would show up. I admittedly made a mistake and flew through the PHQ,  but I've never failed a test. Is there anyway to fix this, or do I just have to accept my punishment.

Thank you

Union?   Some type of grievance process available to you? 

Not the does PADS work and can it be appealed

Entergy & NextEra don't use PADS, DOE doesn't use PADS...

NEI members use PADS.

Through a series of buyouts and mergers, Mirion Technologies (CANBERRA), previously the Nuclear Measurement Business Unit (NMBU) of AREVA who administers the vital data sharing platform once used by all 104* Nuclear Power Plants in the US named the Personnel Access Data System (PADS).

For over 20 years, the NMBU has administered the Personnel Access Data System (PADS) system for the US Nuclear Power Plant industry. PADS is a network of computer systems and an associated central database designed to increase the efficiency of in-processing of workers into nuclear power plants through data sharing.

Information contained within PADS includes:

•   dosimetry
•   access data, including employee background check confirmations
•   fitness for duty information
•   training and skill-set data

The PADS system was initiated in the early 1980’s by a group of utilities interested in expediting the process of staffing nuclear plants. A set of rules was agreed upon in 1988 and PADS was live by 1989. In 1994, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) assumed oversight of PADS and has implemented the program with every operating nuclear power plant in the US. NEI 03-01, Nuclear Power Plant Access Authorization Program governs its operation.

PADS has been the software system used to track nuclear power plant workers for the entire US Nuclear Power Plant industry since 1999. Over 400,000 individual workers are documented in PADS.

*In 2018, NextEra and Entergy left NEI, and lost access to PADS.


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