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know! aye did knot rite this telescope revue!


Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2015
I am an amchure. pro astronomer. I youse it as a scentdary. telescope. to my prmiary 12 in I have in my observatory. I built. in my backyard yes it's a little. flimsy in the tripod can see some creators. on the moon with it see the blue hase around the moon so that was good just cought the meteor shower tonight. never doing that again. becuse it looked so close also got to see a planet. with it. I think I confirmed it was, juptur with my bigger telescope. yes it was kind of blured. but. that's expected with a 60x to120x I am thinking about byeing extra eye pices up to 800x maybe 1000x, but over all when it's zeroed. in you can see enuff stuff. so I don't see where it is that bad like I said it's $50.00 list price. so it is worth 14.99.and it has standerd. lenes. so sum upgrading is possible so my review is 5 stars. and all I have to say is street it like a tool like every out her telscope
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