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So, I been employed with Exelon / Constellation for some years however It's time for my reinvestigation I'm a bit worried due to some credit issues I had in the last year.  Had some unexpected expenses that drop my credit and couple charge offs. I'm currently on a payment plan to fix those and have paid off the most of charge offs. I'm not worry about any criminal or fingerprints drug test or driver ticket issues I'm clean as a whistle there. Just a lil worried my credit is poor right now. I have maybe 900$ added all up in maybe some late payments. Should I be fine? I listed everything in the PHQ questionnaire.

Thoughts would be appreciated

Nuclear NASCAR:
I've personally been there and the biggest thing I've seen is full disclosure is the key.  You may possibly get called in for a slightly uncomfortable interview (or you may not) just asking if all of the information is correct.  Be honest and answer the questions asked and you should be fine.  My experience was don't go into great detail unless asked for more.  I had some medical bills for my son and some payments that I got behind on.  That was the answer I gave and if the interviewer wanted more details they just asked slightly more probing questions to satisfy their requirements. 

It's just as uncomfortable for the interviewer if it gets that far because they don't really enjoy getting in your business any more than you enjoy it being done.  I'm betting you'll be fine and hope we hear back that that is the case.  Best of luck!


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