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When it comes to tracking exposure, the NRC really only calls you a radworker if your dose exceeds the public limit.

You're only required to track exposure if there's an expectation that the 100 mrem per year public limit will be exceeded for some employees.

When submitting the Reirs report they don't even accept records if the individual has less than 100 mrem in the year. It helps to reduce the number of records that need to be maintained.

Wail, that's a start. How many sites wood submit reports forw a casual worker hooo received 50 mr four a year?  Say a light bulb tech who changes out bulbs inn Containment at the start of an outage. Only does outages, does 10/year.

" a light bulb tech "

Late 80's - DCC - For the sake of equity and inclusion - the bulb crew was renamed the nuclear illumination technicians. After rigorous training was had, they became nuclear illumination technicians with illumination training ie the NITWITs. Diversity/inclusion/equity(DIE) was already in place back in them days.


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