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Who Taught you?

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We've had threads about best and worst SC, Hottest babes and legendary techs, But; Who taught you to survive (And hopefully flourish!) in the business?  For me there are a few names that come to mind...

John Mates (Sage) and Bob Zelanca: Taught me the ins and outs of a business I would have never figured out for     myself ;D

Jed Ball: Taught me the basics of job coverage ( And that there ain't nuttin to be skeered of! 8))

Frank Robinson: For picking up where Jed left off (The Arcane why it is so stuff!  :o)

and Finally Todd Roberts (Unknowingly!) For motivating me to go look at what the Procedure/Ansi standard/CFR actually says rather than just being beat up by it ;).

Oh too many to name.  I got my start from my ex John Tinnin who I have to admit  taught well and was always there for advice.  Been to lots of plant and places and don't want to leave anyone out so thanks to everyone who taught me how to be a good HP.   I believe you can learn something from everyone in the biz ya just got want to.

I had many "abusive Sr.s" during my Jr. time that helped mold me into what I am today, whatever that might be.  Buddy Burkett, Larry Brantley, Trent Lancelot, Bo Straub, Mike Dragosljvich, Jack Horne,
Barry Keele, Enky(sp?)Shelton, John McAvoy(sp?),Don Morgan, to name a few.  They actually tried to
teach you something and let ya do stuff rather that just send you in to do the shiftly or smear and clear
until your arms fell off.

Atomic_Punk I was right there with ya.  I was taught buy some of the guys on your list.  I also got it from Kris Hammond, Steve Reed, Ric Garcia, and Rick Doherty.  Love their teaching techniques.  Here put these papers on, put your respirator on, and get you butt on the platform.  I'll tell you when to come out or when you screw up.  We had some pretty good times.

JnyMac, I worked with all your boys also.  All classics.  Garcia: "Did I change out the air samples?  Meeeee, Seeeenior, yooooouuuu, juuuuuuunior!  Get your @$$ in there and change them!"
Doherty:  "Stay out of my way, I'm on a roll!  I'll let ya know if I need anything!"


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