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Who Taught you?

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My list would have to start back in the late '70's...had a lot more brain cell's then!!! :D

Moongate, Billy M, George Anulockis(sp-), Tom Merdy,....the list could go on for every...If'n I only had a Brain to remmeber all those that took the time to teach me! And how do you thank them for what they did...hopefully you taught someone something in your time....... ;)

............It was late 70's..Bob Davis, Duff Dyer..USS NIMITZ..............mid 80's.first and last house job.Larry Werner, Rick Gordie, Omer, Paul Harlos, Paul Perue,Alan Fike,what a crew!!!!!!!!....Duke Power was very good to me for a few years..Harvey Joe Price, Melvin Smith, Gerald Dansby....Gerald Parker was a good friend and mentor for years.......David Romaine and Dick Countz turned me on to DOE  in 95 and made me sware not to tell a sole about it......that lasted about 5 years and then it wasnt top secret any more.........John Ritzo turned me on to Master-Lee and then I could wear a couple different hard hats,,,,,,,But Uncle Sam taught me that if you work for IRM you better pay your

I too cut my teeth with the likes of Atomic Punk at PV.  Hats of Jim McDonnell, Frank Dinch, Tony Serrano and the rest of the crew for their mentoring! I'll even give credit to JnyMac!  But the one that stands out is the Honorable "Tom Roe".  A true friend and teacher!

Ah, yes!  The Honorable Tommy Roe.  One the few human beings I've met in my life who was more sarcastic than myself.  And I mean that in a GOOD way!  One of the more intelligent ones I've met along the way.

I got all I needed to know at handford.
then on the road Bob Drake tuned me up! thanks Bob. IE DUCK


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