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NUPOC - Colorblind - Power/Prototype Instructor


I am sure this question has been asked before but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

I am currently getting my MS in chemistry and last week I submitted my package for the NUPOC program. I initially wanted to do surface, but I cannot do that because I am colorblind. My recruiter told me I could do the Instructor route, which is what I submitted for as well as Naval reactors engineer (not sure if I qualify but I submitted for it anyways). The designator for Power school instructor and prototype school instructor are the same and are both restricted line officers.

My question is: Am I limited to just Power school instructor? or is Prototype potentially on the table? My recruiter cannot find this information and I can't seem to find anyone who does. Are there any colorblind NUPOCs that could provide some insight or someone with any information at all?

I would like to go through the full pipeline but Power school instructors do not do that while every other position does. Thanks in advance.

I will ask about this.
I know someone up in Charleston right now.
My hunch is that unless you served on an actual reactor system, you shouldn't be teaching about operating reactor systems.
Anyway, I'll check with her and see how they're staffing now.


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