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alternates meanings of ALARA:

always let another run ahead
as long as Rennhack's around

Nuclear NASCAR:

--- Quote from: alphadude on Apr 12, 2007, 09:50 ---TVGV-Don't Know
SRD-Shutdown Rod Drive
HPI-High Pressure Injection
LPI-Low Pressure Injection
HPSI-Low Pressure Safety Injection
LDST-Don't Know
PORV-Pressure Operated Relief Valve
RxB-Reactor Building
LUST-Don't Know
LLRT-Local Leak Rate Test
LOFT-Don't Know
CFT-Don't Know
CRDM-Control Rod Drive Mechanism
OTSG-Once Through Steam Generator
NDA-Don't know
UT/PT-Ultrasonic Testing/Penetrant testing
LLW-Low Level Waste

Stuff everbody should know

--- End quote ---

Never assume, that's one of the most common error precursors. 

Thank you guys for this topic! I find it very helpful as I am still getting familiar with the new lingo. And it saves my time now because I don't have to google every acronym I come across on this site! ;D

NDA - Non-Destructive Analysis

Lorrie Henson:
HPSI --- shouldn't this be High Pressure Safety Injection instead of "Low"?


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