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rental space 6 miles from the Monticello Plant - I have a lower level living private area with a couch, tv, table, fridge, games, etc. that walks out to the backyard which you are free to use for bonfires, bbqing, etc. The next level down is the laundry area and a carpeted space with a pull-out sofa sleeper and room for 2 blow up mattresses. The kitchen and bathroom will be shared. I am renting the space weekly for up to 3 people so if you have a few buddies you want to share space with this is perfect otherwise you will be sharing the space with someone you don't know. I have rented this space for previous outages and the guys said they preferred it over a hotel/motel.

Please call 763-607-0041 to set up a time to view. I am typically home from work after 6:30 weekday evenings.


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