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Anyone know what the hourly rate is for this job while in training?  How many hours a week?

I guess I'll find out soon enough, but I'm itching to know if it's worth my while.

Thanks in advance

Already Gone:
What training do you mean?  There are lots of types of training involved with this job.  The initial part will only last a few months.  It will be 40 hrs per week until you are qualified.
BTW, there is a reason that they didn't post the pay on the ad.  It's different for everybody.  Although most companies use a standard type of pay scale system, that doesn't mean that everybody gets hired at the same place within the scale.  In other words, anybody who tells you what this job pays is guessing.  You won't know until they offer it to you.  If you're looking for a range of guesses, I'd say that it's probably starting between $18 and $22 per hour.  Even though that seems low, it probably has a rapid progression and lots of OT opportunities after you start on shift.
If I were you, I'd at least apply.  If they're paying for the trip, you should go for the interview too.  Even if the whole thing turns out to suck, at least you get the practice at interviewing.

Greetings all, I am an ET2/SS who will be separating in approximately 6 months as soon as my tour is finished.  I am almost finished with my BS in Nuclear Eng. Tech. from TESC, and I've seen a job opening(Learner - Operations) at the Duke Power Oconee plant that I plan on applying for very soon.  My goal is to qualify RO, SRO, and beyond, and I was wondering if there was anything specific I could do to increase my chances of being hired(resume tips, etc).  Thanks in advance for any advice.

Does anyone out there have a point of contact for jobs at Duke?  They have been posting the same jobs for several weeks and I am wondering who I might get in touch with concerning my resume.  Thanks!

RP Instructor:
If you applied via the Duke Energy website, you're pretty much at the mercy of their coporate HR folks contacting you. It's a very s-l-o-w and tedious process. Once the job posting is "closed", HR forwards the resumes received to the hiring manager (i.e. the respective department head for the area that's recruiting). Once he makes his selections, the candidate list is then back to HR, and they then make the initial contact with the applicant. It's all a rather long, draw-out, formal process, ensuring that they meet EEO/AA hiring guidelines (i.e. preclude any future discrimination lawsuits). How long ago did you apply?


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