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Getting access when on “probation”


I put probation in quotes because in my situation I’m technically not on traditional probation. Made a dumb mistake almost a year ago and got a DUI. In my state, PA, they have something called ARD for first time DUI offenders. It stands for for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. My DUI case was adjudicated and I received ARD. I have to pay fines, which I am almost finished paying, and do community service. Also lost my license for 30 days. After a year on ARD the DUI charges are dismissed and I can get it expunged.. It’s only similar to probation in the sense that if I break the law while I’m on ARD then the court proceeds with the original DUI charges. It’s not supervised and I don’t have to report to a probation officer. I’m about halfway through ARD. What are my chances of getting unescorted access at this point? 

Some times they want everything to be behind you, and the case closed, and everything dispositioned. Other times as long as you tell them that you are in the process, and following the process, they will be happy.

All you can do is tell them everything, and and have them tell you what they want.


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