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Is it worth switching careers at this point?


I'm 31 years old and currently work as a control room operator at an Oil refinery. I have been in the industry for 10 years but only with my company for 3 years due to our plant being sold. I am currently in the very early stages of the hiring process for an entry level nuclear operator job with PG&E. I would initially take a 100K pay cut mostly due to the first 10 months of this job being a 40 hour training week before being put back on shift. I believe the money will be comparable again once I get more qualifications. The plant is set to close in 2030 but I mostly just want my foot in the door with PG&E because they have a lot of other high paying jobs within the company. I have several co-workers who have transitioned from working in an oil refinery to becoming grid-ops which I will seek as a possibility later down the line if the plant does close. I am still in the testing phase of the hiring process but I want to weigh out my options incase I do get offered the job which would require me to sell my house and relocate my family with a 2 week notice. With the state of the possible closure of this plant is it not worth it to take this opportunity if it is offered? Could someone with more insight of the industry please give me opinion on this.

If you're ready to move, why didn't you look at taking another refinery operator position at another location and limit the pay cut?  It's not like refineries are a dying business.  I'll let others on here answer your nuc operator question.

Make sure you take a long, hard look at housing costs around Diablo while you are making your decision.


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