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if you have to meet with a psychologist for a psych evaluation, doesn’t it HAVE to be in person? Is it legally allowed according to regulations, to be on a computer over skype while using a landline phone to talk? ??? ???

   My experience is a little dated but here goes. The only time an exam was required was when the MMPI triggered it. You really don't fail the MMPI you fall outside the expected band. Telehealth is an upcoming exam mechanism for a wide variety of medical/mental issues, even for some prescriptions. Hopefully someone with more recent experience than mine will chime in.

i had an evaluation with the plant psychologist and then the fill in exam. According to NRC regulations, a determination of fitness for duty, must be face to face and no electronic communication may be used. If this breaks NRC regulations i need to know so i can go about this the right way

I did a little digging for you, and it appears that there is no requirement to do these evaluations. Buried in this link in the discussion is:

Although no regulations specifically require employee screening at nuclear power plants,
NRC published a statement in the Federal Register (42 FR 10836) on February
24, 1977, recommending that "....applicants and licensees continue to use the
employee screening guidance from the American National Standard, ANSI N18.17,
'Industrial Security for Nuclear Power Plants'."


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