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I'm looking for anyone who was at the infamous 2002 refueling outage at Davis Besse. That is the one where the hole in the reactor head was discovered. I was there and I remember a man that had inhaled a particle after being sent into the generator bowl with only a face shield and a paper suit. Does anyone else remember this incident?

Are you learned in radiation protection? Huge difference between "inhalation" and ingestion. Assuming the S/G worker was in compliance with the RWP, then "only a face shield and paper suit" had been evaluated and determined proper dress for the work. Chance of a DRP winding up in the S/G channel head due to a leak on the closure head is unlikely although possible. The millions of gallons of RCS that pass thru the area is more likely the cause. This site is not a good place to go on a fishing expedition as many inhabitants actually know what they are talking about.

publicly available,....


not very exciting nor industry impacting compared to other DB 2002 stuff,.....



not very exciting nor industry impacting compared to other DB 2002 stuff,....

Many words were spoken. Nothing was said.

i do remember them not using a buffer zone or double stepoff pads for work at the manways, we would set them up on nightshift and dayshift management would have them taken down....the incident i dont remember but the whole place was a mess


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