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Dave "Wojo" Wojtkowiak


All, tragically I am posting this to inform you my father David "Wojo" Wojtkowiak passed away the evening of November 13, 2023, from a heart attack.  I believe my mother has already informed his closest friends and past colleagues of his passing, but as per his final wishes he wanted me to make this post and provide details regarding his Irish wake, which we are still working out at this time, and I will follow up on as soon as I have further info. 

Those of you who knew my dad knew his health was not great within the past few years of his life, always being in and out of hospitals for some complication or whatever, but I would not have expected a heart attack of all the ways for him to go.  I know he has been in this industry for forty years and was passionate about his work, along with his love of the Buffalo Bills and the Grateful Dead.  We will miss him dearly.

Well written Alex,...

I will miss your father profoundly,...

That's about all I can gather myself to type for now,...

David's obituary can be found here along with information regarding the date, time, and location of the wake.

sad to read this, but I do remember woj with warmth and good feelings.


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