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Felony Charges - Total BS, and dismissed - Chances of getting in?


So...  Long story short.  I was arrested for a felony domestic assault, and for DUI.  Both were total BS (my home video cameras finally vindicated my not having touched her, and the officer's body camera showed me arriving in my UBER ride, not driving, but that's not the point of the story). 

Basically, all my charges were proven to be BS, and were formally dropped.  My wife has made a statement amending her original story to coincide with what the videos showed.  The officer that arrested me has been counseled, and I've been totally vindicated. 

I'm scheduled to go to a Nuclear Outage at a couple of Entergy nuclear plants in the spring, and am wondering how this effects my ability to get into the sites. 


You should be fine unless they find out you are a MAGA Trump supporter.

Disclose everything.


--- Quote from: Rennhack on Dec 16, 2023, 01:45 ---Disclose everything.

--- End quote ---

I've always done that.  I've been contracting in nuclear for the last 8 years, 3/4 outages a year, and have never had an issue.  Just looking at the requirement that is in the FAQ about even having been arrested for DUI, and proven it didn't happen, with charges officially dropped, didn't know if I still need the interview/endorsement of a qualified substance abuse counselor.  I'm fortunate that in my role, I can work nuclear or fossil, and my company has stood by me 100%.  I'm currently working a fossil outage and won't have time to even consider seeing a counselor before they're wanting me to start the upcoming nuclear job.

Navigating through unfounded felony charges can be challenging, but a dismissal speaks volumes. Emphasize your innocence, perhaps through a brief and transparent explanation, focusing on personal growth. Many understand life's complexities; honesty often builds empathy. Stay resilient, and your positive trajectory will overshadow past challenges. Best of luck.


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