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I m new to this filed , I have associate degree in nuclear engineering tech 2021 I applied for nuke tech I did not pass the interview due I don't have experiences even they were asking for entry level, and I kept applying, I pass the POSS test for SOIT position but again I did not pass the interview due to lack of experience in plant , what do I need to do to have experiences in the filed being in outages or what  ?I  m about to pursue a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering ?thank you

Ask for feedback from the interviewer.  You are probably incorrectly interpreting not performing well in the interview with not having experience.

If they say "Tell me a time when..." and you respond with "I don't have an answer because I don't have experience." Then you will fail the interview.  Not because you have no experience, but because you didn't answer the question, so they can't evaluate your reply.

For example:

Safety Driven - Safety is our #1 priority and often reflects the attitude, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share. Employees should have the ability to work and manage safely. In doing so, they follow directions, understand the effects of any actions taken, and work to ensure any known risks are taken care of before work commences.

?   Tell me about a time when you challenged an unsafe/impractical work practice. How did you determine that it was unsafe/ impractical? How did you approach expressing the problem and finding an effective solution?
?   Tell me about a time when you developed a plan to promote safety in your work area. How was it received? Did the plan align with the overall vision of the company?
?   Tell me about a time when work was halted due to an unidentified and unmitigated risk. What was implemented to find the problem? What was your role in resolving?
?   Give an example of a time when you brought a safety issue to light. How did it affect your group? Your company?
?   Tell me about some of the safety training courses or classes you have taken. What did you learn? How are you currently using it?
?   Tell me a time when you challenged an unsafe work practice. How was it presented? How did it affect the company? What was the outcome?

If you answer that you have no work experience, then they don't know if you are safety driven.  Tell them about a time that you challenged an unsafe work practice at school, or in your neighborhood.  The important thing is how did you approach the problem did you find a solution.

For part 2 of your question: Sure work an outage, and get some experience, it may help.


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