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   I have posted articles sent to me by PM. If you prefer anonymity, I have no problem posting for you. Big ego thick skin. Of course, to quote the Mad Hatter: "Mustard? Mustard? Don't let's be silly".  Commercial nuke, research, medical, remediation/demolition, Department of Defense, space nuclear power and propulsion, and general nuclear nerd stuff. I primarily post US news. international nuclear news would significantly increase posts much of it not significant to members.
   Other than general rules of posting on Nukeworker there is no restriction on posting in Nuke News.

   I have feeds and web sites that I use to post news, living in the Oak Ridge area I have local news about the Oak Ridge Reservation (Y-12, ORNL, ETTP). If you are located near a nuclear facility (power plant, DOE lab etc.) you may have access to articles that may be of interest to NukeWorkers that I do not. The goal is a nuclear readers digest. Articles may be of interest to a narrow group but that is OK, it is difficult to know and that is OK.

Somes helpful guides if posting:

Probably not a good idea to post articles from a paid subscription. Wall Street Journal and Popular Mechanics are a couple of them.

A number of outlets have tiered subscriptions allowing up to 5 free articles a month. I regularly post these.

Some outlets have a tiered subscription that only requires a paid subscription for premium articles. Normally flagged so you know.

Some require a login without a paid subscription. ANS Nuclear NewsWire for one.

Posting in general should be title and link. I occasionally I make some commentary, but I try to keep it short.

Again, if you do not want to post it yourself send the link to me via PM and I will do it for you.


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