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Shaving standards for NLO's and/or PCO's


Hey guys, NLO here looking to benchmark other plants in the industry. At my plant NLO's are required to show up to work clean shaven if you have building responsibilities. WCC operators do not have this requirement. I've heard that other plants do not have this requirement or have some compensatory measures like BIC razors and shaving cream that allow their operators to wear beards. Does anyone here work at a plant that has any more liberal shaving requirements than mine and how is it justified with management? I can tell you the number of times I've heard of an operator wearing a respirator other than for a fit test in my tenure here has been exactly 0. We've recently had a change in our management structure and I'd like to bring a rule change proposal to my new management but I could use some examples from other plants so I don't go emptyhanded.

All duty operators at my plant are required to be clean shaven as well, including the control room. But us NLOs are also the fire brigade so it makes a bit more sense for us.


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